The Effects of Weather on Logistics

The Effects of Weather on Logistics

Weather patterns all over the world can cause ripple effects in the way shipments are transported between and within countries as well as in the amount of time it takes to transport the goods.  Whether relying on ship, rail, or road, companies must plan for, monitor, and adjust when weather strikes.

Trucking is one of the most commonly reported modes of transportation that is impacted by weather.  Heavy snowfall and ice can cause road blocked roadways and traffic jams in colder climates.  Large amounts of rainfall can cause localized urban flooding, often leaving roadways impassable for days. 

Over the rail, weather can also severely delay the flow of rail cars.  Intense snowstorms can cause moving rail cars to be more difficult.  Railways need to be cleared of snow and ice constantly before cars can pass.     

High ocean waves and squalls are usually associated with large tropical systems.  High-sustained wind speeds can bring challenges for shipping via ocean vessels.  Rocky waters can also cause container and item damages.

Overall, the shipping of goods is critical to most companies’ operations and with potential delays due to weather, companies need to rely on accurate forecasts to get their products where they need to be.

Foodlinx Logistics and Inventory Solutions


As severe weather is forecasted to continue through March, Foodlinx and your sales associate will provide you with updates regarding your shipments as we get information in real time.  The goal is for you to react faster by either rationing your stock, in case of delays, or pulling any store specials, should product be short.


We strive to have your shipments arrive as scheduled but, should there be circumstances that are nationwide or industry-wide, sometimes reacting urgently and proportionately to these unfortunate events is the best route to take.

Stay Informed with Foodlinx

Here at Foodlinx, we try to stay current and knowledgeable in every aspect of our industry – shipping conditions, protein markets, consumer trends.   Our goal is to share value added insights with you, so you can make decisions that maximize your bottom line while servicing your customers.

Our lines of communication remain open for any of your concerns or needs.  We know the importance of being well stocked especially during the busy season.  Likewise, we know the importance of owning inventory that are competitively priced.  We strive to not just keep you informed but to also help you keep your competitive advantage.