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Foodlinx is a leading exporter offering the widest range of temperature controlled food products across the Pacific and areas abroad. 

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Foodlinx offers exclusive brands from meat and dairy, to frozen foods and pantry staples, we have what you need. 


We make it happen

Let our seasoned professionals show you ways to consolidate savings, reduce transit time, understand our on-line solutions and maximize our interface between companies.

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and we have the price.

Foodlinx offers the widest range of temperature controlled food products, dry ingredients, and groceries globally;  we have what you need.

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Logistics Services

Foodlinx offers several ways to assist with your logistic needs from contract ocean freight rates, pre-paid or collect, port drayage, cross-docking and transloading services.
Loading the vessel on time is just the beginning. We stay on top of your cargo shipment until it reaches final destination. We have constant contact with ship lines and agents to insure communication is fluid and up to date.

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