If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us at +1 (650) 375-2555


How do I become a customer?

We are always interested in new customers most especially in areas underserved or not served at all. You could begin by clicking here to fill in all the required information and click submit. You can also download a credit application located under RESOURCES>FORMS.


What payment types does your company accept?

To meet our customer requests, Foodlinx tenders payment by wire transfer, EFT/ACH, direct bank deposit and credit cards + transaction cost. Please see our contact page for Banking Information. Download our banking information here.


What is the minimum order requirement for shipment?

The most cost effective and efficient means to ship refrigerated cargo overseas is by Insulated Reefer Containers (IRC) available lengthwise in 20’ and 40’ form factors. Utilizing the total capacity reduces freight cost lowering your landed cost of goods. We welcome a variety of mix of items or one single item to fill an IRC.


Can I consolidate my order from other suppliers?

To accommodate our valued customers, Foodlinx will CO-LOAD for a nominal fee product delivered designated warehouses. Multiply CO-LOADS may be accessed a surcharge. The total CO-LOAD weight cannot surpass 50% of the unit capacity.


Can I co-share a container?

Co-sharing is permitted and at the discretion of the consignees engaged. The bill of lading will be titled to one consignee who bears receipt of the cargo. Other factors include credit and order type. Contact us for more information.


Can I place my order online?

We encourage customers to use our safe and secure online system to place all their orders eliminating error and providing streamline efficiency for both you and Foodlinx.


Can I order an item not available in your order guide?

By all means! The product must be available and meets the commodity export requirements of the United States and not prohibited by law. We welcome new products that could complement our current product line up.


Can I lock-in a price in the future?

Depending on the commodity type, delivery date, warrant credit and established relationship a determination and agreement could be prepared. Also additional charges such as carrying cost, storage fees and drayage may apply.


What is the origin of the products you sell?

The majority of product originate from the United States and may include cross products from Canada and Mexico. Some meat and seafood products not available domestically are imported and entered into the United States and the origin therefore designated.


Is the product you offer and sell safe and wholesome?

YES! We are regulated by authorities that include The U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Commerce Inspection Service, U.S. Customs Service, U.S. Food and Drug Administration to name a few. Foodlinx also maintains a recall procedure and tracking system of all goods exported.


Do you provide cargo insurance during transit?

Peace of mind is hallmark to customer service. Foodlinx maintains international transit insurance that encompasses ocean marine and stock throughput insurance covering your cargo door to door. Depending on terms of sale, coverage cost is either inclusive or exclusive of product cost.


Are there customs duties or tariffs that apply to the product I purchase?

Depending where the final destination and entry of cargo occurs might determined if any import charge is imposed. Please check with your local customs department for more detailed information.


Can I purchase from you and use my preferred ocean carrier?

Ocean freight could account for a substantial portion of the product cost and Foodlinx will work with your designated carrier or quote other favorable carriers that serve your trading lane.


How does your company handle claims?

Foodlinx takes your purchase order serious and does everything in its control to minimize concern. Attention to detail is important when filling your order, shipping it intact and on time is our first goal. We take the following steps to assure door to door delivery of your order: (a) All products from lot are video recorded passing into the IRC, (b) At designated marks inside the IRC photos are recorded, (c) Lot counts are documented along with carton weights when required, (c) Warehouse lading is issued for count and seal number.

Should you encounter unforeseen damage or a discrepancy (count, wrong item, spoils) on your order please contact us via email 24/7 along with your order number, details of the claim, digital photos and any additional information immediately. Once we receive your information claim will be opened and processed. To date, Foodlinx has satisfied 100% of our customer claims mutually.


How do I become a supplier?

We welcome the opportunity to meet new suppliers with product lines that complement our current product line up. Please contact us.

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