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The American Egg Board calls it The incredible edible egg™. The most common food eggs come from chickens and are used as main or an ingredient used in various forms of cooking. Scrambled, pouched, or fried, eggs provide a good amount of protein to a person’s diet. Foodlinx offers whole eggs and a variety of egg products that work for the baker and food prepares everywhere.


NuCal Foods


Eggs can’t get any fresher. A unique cooperative for over 50 years providing family-owned farm eggs. Certified by United Egg Producers, the Global Food Safety

We receive superior audit scores from the USDA and third-party auditing teams and strictly adhere to the California Egg Quality Assurance Program.

Packs include: Retail, Foodservice by DOZ and Tray.

Egg Varieties include: White, Comfort Coop, Brown, Organic & more Egg Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge
Nu Laid Foods Inc.


Adding value through Innovation. Taking real egg product to the next dimension. Safety and convenience in ready-to-use package.

Baker’s choice of liquid pasteurized eggs and frozen whole eggs, whites and yolks.

Retail Products, Bakers Products, and Restaurant Products Reddi Egg Hi Whip Toppings
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