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A popular frozen dessert available in a zillion flavors. Elsewhere called Gelato, Helado, Dulce de Leche, Sorbets; ice cream is dished, coned or scooped à la mode to other desserts. Ice cream also is fashioned into bars, sandwiches and various other shapes called NOVELTIES serving a fast and convenient way to enjoy ice cream on the go. Add fruit and nuts and range is endless



North Star Treats Logo


 New LogoNorth Star Frozen Treats is produced by Ice Cream Specialties, a division of Prairie Farms Dairy.

Ice Cream Specialties has been providing the highest quality frozen treats for over 55 years. They believe that using better ingredients produces a better product. By choosing to use real ice cream and high quality flavors, their treats are sure to please customers of all ages.

Norton Logo

Farmer-owned for over 70 years and over 700 farms strong,

Prairie Farms and its subsidiaries manufacture and market a full line of dairy products.

Sundae Cones

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Pops and Bars

Sundae Cups

Health Wise®


Bulk Pack


School of Cool

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California’s dairy since 1901. Crystal offers a full line quality Ice Cream. Feel good about a brand that never treats their cows with  growth hormone rBST. Crystal Ice Cream is made in California’s heartland using fresh milk from local farms and the highest quality ingredients. With a variety of mouth watering flavors Crystal is the perfect choice.


Produced by family owned and operated Foster Dairy Farms.

Ice Cream 3 Gallon, Ice Cream Pints, and Scrounds 56 OZ Crystal is a Premium Brand Crystal Butter Cups 720ct, Sticks, Solid.


Foster Farms Dairy


Foster Farms Dairy is family owned and has been operating in California since 1941. Almost seventy years after its founding it is still committed to the same principals as when they started the business: excellence, honesty, quality, service and people. Foster Farms Dairy is your choice for innovated dairy products locally growth and produced.


Produced by family owned and operated Foster Dairy Farms.

Ice Cream Tub 3 Gallon and Ice Cream Pints Meadow Farms, McColl’s, and DeLuxe Novelties, Vita Freeze, and many others…
Good Humor


Since 1920, when the original ‘ice cream on a stick’ was created, Good Humor® has stood for quality and taste.

Enjoy the great taste of Good Humor® wherever you are with these easy single-serve bars, cones, sandwiches and more.


Good Humor® made ice cream on the go famous!

Ice Cream Bars, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Ice Cream Cones Well known brand flavor's such as Oreo® and Reese's® Multi-Packs, Variety Packs, and Snack Pops
Oregon Ice Cream Co.


With one taste of Oregon Ice Cream you will experience the majestic Pacific Northwest coolness of snow covered mountains and the harvest of nature’s treasures.

Oregon Ice Cream offers over 88 flavors of mouthwatering ice creams and sorbets.


The ideal products for Ice Cream service counters. Available in 3 Gallon Tubs.

Cascade and Café Style Ice Cream Shoppe and Gourmet Denali No-Sugar Added, Sherbet, and Sorbet
Wonder Ice Cream Company


A premier distributor and manufacturer of Premium Quality Ice Cream Products. Wonder offers a large selection of novelty brands.

With over 200 novelties to choose from and a variety of premium foodservice products and brands.


Wonder brand offers Cones, Sandwiches, Cups, Fruit bars and more.

Wonder, Blue Benny, and Ben & Jerr’s Brevers, Good Humor, and Klondike Popsicle, It’s-It, M&M, plus more…
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