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DELI (Processed)

Deli SandwichDELI or processed meats could include a single or multiply specie type as a ingredient to producing Luncheon Meats, Franks and Sausage, Bacon, Ham and many other products that reflect the region they are produced in. Retail and foodservice packaging is available to suit your needs. Also cured and smoked meats are arranged in this category.




The preferred supplier of the finest delis and food establishments. We use only specially selected cuts of beef and Certified Angus Beef (CAB) in all our products.

The consistent freshness, appearance and flavor of our entire line of prepared meats is assisted by our modern equipment, humidity controlled ovens and the very latest in packaging equipment.

Our HACCP certified QC team monitors each lot of product during the entire production process to ensure strict adherence to our quality standards.

Roast Beef Corned Beef Pastrami Pickled Products Hot Dogs Sausage
BAR-S Foods Company


Bar-S was founded in 1981 and is the leader in the processed meats value segment and is highly recognized.

Bar-S Brands focus on 5 processed meat categories: Franks, Bacon, Dinner Sausage, Lunchmeat and Corn Dogs.

Don’t forget Chuckwagon Franks and Bacon Products.


Bar-S Franks Classic, Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Cheese Bar-S Sausage Smoked Classic, Hot, Polish, Cheese & Links Cooked Ham Chopped Ham Bacon


Founded in 1891, One of the oldest packers in the American and one of the last to pack canned hams.

This Ham is fully cooked.

Just heat and serve.

Dubuque Canned Ham 6/5 lb Sold Chilled -Royal Buffet Lean- Dubuque Canned Ham 12/3 lb Sold Chilled


Family owned since 1972 and offers six basic product lines including Cooked Hams, Smoked Bacon, Smoked Ham and Turkey Deli Meats and Parts. A wide selection of Quality products at competitive prices. Gusto uses state of the art technology along with cutting edge equipment.


Heartland Brand features Chopped Ham 30% in 4X4 Loaf and packed:

4/5 LB or 5/10LB.
Gusto Deli Ham Gusto B/IN Ham Gusto Spiral Hams Gusto SMK Picnics Gusto Deli Slice’s Gusto Bacon Gusto Sausage Gusto Sliced


Mouth-watering flavor, freshness, and exceptional value – that's what Square-H Brands is all about. We're passionate about our brands and serving delicious products.


The Hoffy brand has been a staple in Southern California for over 75 years.

Hoffy Franks, Wiener & Hotdogs from Chicken, Beef & Pork Hoffy Sausage in Smoked, Hot or Mild Hoffy Bacon Delite Bacon Corned Beef Products
Foster Farms


Foster Farms offers a wide variety of deliciously lean and convenient deli products! Choose your favorite from a variety of turkey or chicken deli meats.

One of the largest vertically integrated Poultry companies in the Western half of America producing safe, high quality products.


Foodlinx offers a variety of Foster Farm Products in are Poultry lineup.

FF Chicken Franks Sun Chicken Franks Oven roasted Sliced Turkey Ham Turkey Meatballs Turkey Roll


Detroit base Grobbel’s is America’s Oldest Corned Beef Specialist since 1883. Serving the retail and foodservice sector with high quality and safe food products.

Premium quality starts with Premium quality meats and ingredients. Add world class packing makes Grobbel’s the Corned Beef leader.


Traditional corned beef from beef brisket cured in seasoned brine.

Corned beef Flats Corned beef Points Other products such as Pastrami


Miller’s brand hot dogs and sausages are made with no allergens and no gluten in small batches using only fresh, lean beef that is seasoned from a secret family recipe.

Since 1910, the Miller Packing Company has continued its tradition of producing the highest quality products.


100% Fresh Meat, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Fillers, Natural Hickory Smoke, Incredible Taste and Outstanding Bite.

Frankfurters Natural or Skinless Retail and Foodservice Sausage & Links Hawaiian Reds Samoan Bangers Pork and Beef


Think beyond the link. Silva has been producing fine gourmet sausage since 1967.

More To Come.

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