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PORK is consumed worldwide and ranks first for the most eaten meat and accounting for over 38% of meat production. Pork is enjoyed in many cooking styles and is processed to make an assortment of well known products such as ham and bacon. Typical primal cuts include Loin, Leg, Shoulder Butt and Picnic sections. Pork Belly and Pork Ribs rank high also.





An end to end producer in the meat counter. Chop’s, roast and thin cut items allow for much flexibility.

The pork loin is the full back portion and split in equal parts. Can be sold whole or in three sub-primals.

Various size and packs along with trim offers full selection. Check our order guide for Portioned Pork Chops also.



Pork Loin Full B/In Pork Loin CC Pork Sirloin Bnls Pork Tenderloin Pork Loin Bnls Strp-on Pork Loin Bnls Strp-of


Retail and foodservice cut produces roast and steaks. Restaurants use shredded for wraps and fill.

The pork butt, sometimes called Boston Butt sits in front of the pork loin above the picnic shoulder hence the shoulder butt. Sold bone-in or boneless.

The pork butt is trimmed ¼” and a super trim is sold at a premium. Primals are vacuum packed and commodity butts are IW paper wrap.



Pork Butt Bone-In Pork Butt CBO Pork Butt Bnls Pork Collars


The Ham stops here! Select Pork Legs are the hind leg and sold whole with the bone and usual are for further processing.

The pork leg or ham consists of three main muscle primals. Shank portions are sold separate.

Whole Legs are not typically displayed in retail service counters. Most of the leg is smoked for ham products.



Whole Pork Leg 3-PC Hams 17/20 LB Ham Shank Portion Pork Leg 20/27 LB


The picnic is located below the pork shoulder butt and is less meaty and more bone when sold whole. Boneless picnics are available and sold for foodservice.

The picnic whole consist of the arm shank and shoulder blade portion. The pork hock is part of the arm shank.

Retail produces Arm Chop and Blade Steaks from the picnic.



Whole Picnic B/In Picnics Shank-off Boneless Picnic Picnic Bnls Trimmed Hocks 75% Bnls Picnic


The pork trim along with ground pork comes in a variety of lean ratios and packs.

Pork trim is a key meat product in sausage material and is derived from many primal areas.

All product is absent of bone and typically used in sausage or other further process products containing pork meat.



Cushion Meat Blade Meat Ground Pork Pork Stew Pork Trim 50% Pork Trim 80%

PORK RIB SELECTION (other bones)

As more and more pork goes boneless, pork ribs become more available including spare ribs from the belly and the smaller back rib from the loin.

Pork ribs are produced from sheet boning the belly for spareribs or deboning the loin for back ribs.

Many sizes and specifications are offered, check our order guide.



Pork Spare Ribs Pork Ribletts St. Louis Ribs Pork Back Ribs Pork Ribs 5 Up Neck Bones Brisket Bones


The pork belly, sometimes referred to as the 'Side' is traded raw (green) and commercially sold to processors of bacon. There is also activity in the foodservice area as more restaurants place on menus.

The pork belly is located in the navel area and extends in full from the fore and hind leg.

Refer to our order guide for sizes and packs.



Bellies Skin-on Bellies Skin-off Most Sizes Korean Style Japanese Style Boneless Bellies Square-Cut Bellies

Pork Variety Meats

Quality and consistency are key factors to processing and packing variety meat and offal. Rapid freezing minimizes dwell time and enhances shelf life.

Quality hogs, modern facilities and government inspection, YES!

Packed for export in leak resistant shipping cartons.



Pork Feet Pork Tails Pork Ears Pork Kidney Pork Liver Pork Hearts Pork Tongue Pork Cheek Pork Stomach Port Chitterling Pork Uteri Pork Snout


We feature Lynch BBQ Company products. This is a family owned agricultural business since 1916 with years experience.

Lynch BBQ’s pigs is All-Natural, Minimally Processed and individually frozen with no additives.

Custom processing under USDA in Decorah, Iowa.



20-30 LB Roaster’s (2) 30-40 LB Roaster’s (1) 40-50 LB Roaster’s (2) 50-60 LB Roaster’s (2) 60-70 LB Roaster’s (1) 20-dn LB Roaster’s (2)
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