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BEEF is the meat from bovine and the third most consumed meat protein in the world accounting for over 25% of meat production. Four main primal cuts; CHUCK, RIB, LOIN and ROUND. Each primal offers many different cuts that scale in… size, grade, and value. Beef from the U.S. is mostly grain-feed and finished to a optimal lean to ratio offering superior quality. USDA GRADES: PRIME, CHOICE, SELECT NO-ROLL AND MORE



One of the most economical primals in beef and used in many food category segments. Beef Chuck selections are confined to the first five (5) ribs. Most Beef Grades are available.


Sub-primals  include:

Beef Clods + XT Beef Chuck Tender Beef Chuck Shortribs Beef Shank Beef Brisket Beef Chuck 3-Pcs Beef Chuck 2-Pcs Beef Chuck Roll

Most grades are available.



Thinking Prime Rib? One of the various cuts that makes it Top choice in restaurants and other foodservice venues along with prime space in retail meat displays. The Beef Rib selections range from the posterior ribs six and twelve. Beef Ribeye range in size from 6-14 LBS.  Bone-in rib products are not commonly produced and relates to higher price.


Sub-primals  include:

Beef Rib Roast Beef Rib Bone-In Beef Ribeye lip-on Beef Ribeye lip-off Beef Ribeye Roll Beef Shortribs 123's

Most grades are available.



New York Strip, Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon and T- Bone steaks are the "Famous Fab4' that derive from the beef loin. Less chew, more taste! Beef Loins are normally purchased in desired primal. The Loin is confined from the final posterior rib connecting to the hip or sirloin.


Sub-primals  include

Beef Strip Loin Trim varies Tail sizing 0"-3" Beef Top Butt Trim varies Boneless Beef Tenderloin Trim varies Regular or PSMO

Most grades are available.



All purpose beef from Top Rounds steaks and Bottom Round roast. For the leanest cuts this is the place to start. Beef Rounds are offered in many sections and confined to the leg primal area below the sirloin. This muscle group is lean and low in fat. Some items may be ordered peeled of fat.


Sub-primals  include:

Inside Round (Top)Gooseneck Round Beef Knuckle Outside Round Eye of Round Steamship Round

Most grades are available



Liver, hearts and other offal. Need lean flap, flank or skirt steaks. We offer them all. Most items are packed in net weight cartons. All are sold frozen.


Sometimes referred to as Varity Meats.

Ox Tail      Beef Shank      Beef Feet

Liver       Hearts    Kidney

Skirt Steaks Flap Meat Tri-Tip

Ground Beef


Ground beef and burger patties are available in a variety of sizes for retail and foodservice. All products are USDA inspected for wholesomeness. Typically ground beef products are sold with Lean/Fat ratio 70/30, 80/20. Others ratios are available, please contact us for more information.


Ground beef products are offered in many lean to fat ratios and produced from selected muscle types. Also cubed selections carried.

Ground Beef Chubs Ground Beef Patties 70/30 Lean to Fat 80/20 Lean to Fat 90/10 Lean to Fat Stew and Mince

All ground beef product is sold frozen and air-tight.

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