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Bringing together top companies from all segments of the industry into one place. Select from seven frozen line categories that include retail, distribution and foodservice placements. Frozen foods are attractive because of their benefits and value. Marketing components include convenience, quality, variety and taste. We provide year-round opportunities no matter what the season is.


Ready-made or pre-made desserts and bread products fall under this category. Retail and foodservice products. For in-store bakeries that will line-up customers to familiar aromas that will stir up sales. Top name and gourmet brands that provide everyday value whether for special occasions or to add lift to any dessert menu.


 All-in-one meals or unique main courses, frozen entrees offer a wide range of center of the plate proteins and assorted accompaniments. Don’t just think convenience, today’s entrees bring flavor and quality that will ruse the senses. Pre-cooked, heat and serve entrees created from leading producers.

Taste from around the world easily available in your frozen food case. Asian, Mexican, Italian and much more. Many are labeled and designated OU/Kosher and/or Halal under sanction authority. This line-up is fitting for main meals, snacks and appetizers...

All it takes are potatoes to make French Fries, Chips, Hash Browns and many other tater items to round out this frozen food category.  French Fries are international cuisine and are promenade in fast-food and fine dining establishments. We offer a complete range of frozen potato products adaptable to traditional and healthy cooking methods. 


Just add water! Juice from fruit and vegetable concentrate dates back to 1917 and was invented in 1945 and is the ingenuity allowing for fresh juice anywhere, whenever you want it. Available in many fruit and vegetable flavors and pulp types and from 100% juice to juice drink containing less than 100%, drink covers punch, blend, cocktail and sparkler.


The word has spread; PIZZA is everybody’s favorite, even at home. The modern pizza dates back to Naples. In 1889, cheese was added. Today quality frozen pizza and pizza treats are available in a variety of types, shapes and toppings. Cooking methods from oven prepared, microwave and pop-up toasters make pizza easy for anybody.


Quality frozen vegetables and fruits are sold around the world to retail, foodservice and food processors like bakeries and canning operations. Today this category offers blends that feature cultural, seasonal and zesty seasonings in various assortments that are quick and easy to prepare and serve.