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A major food category, dairy products include cheese, butter, milk and ice cream! Over 1.48 billion gallons of ice cream and frozen dairy desserts were consumed last year. Foodlinx offers the widest range of flavors, styles and sizes for retail and service shops. The U.S. per capita consumption of natural cheese is over 33 pounds. No matter what the occasion – celebrations, fancy or casual get together or an ingredient to a favorite recipe, dairy products are essential.


The BUTTER side of dairy products derives from the separation of milk into cream and churned into an ingredient used in most every meal dished out by chef and home cook alike. Alternatives to butter are margarines’ known as a butter substitute, made from vegetable oil and are lower in saturated fat. Margarine has grown due to its health and cost aspects. 


CHEESE is a very broad subject as hundreds of styles, textures and flavors are produced worldwide. Cheese makers process cheese to fit a sandwich, shred to top a pizza, crumble into a salad and what every else you could think of. Cheese is a very focal ingredient included in a variety of recipes or enjoyed independent.  


The American Egg Board calls it The incredible edible egg™. The most common food eggs come from chickens and are used as main or an ingredient used in various forms of cooking. Scrambled, pouched, or fried, eggs provide a good amount of protein to a person’s diet. Foodlinx offers whole eggs and a variety of egg products that work for the baker and food prepares everywhere.


A popular frozen dessert available in a zillion flavors. Elsewhere called Gelato, Helado, Dulce de Leche, Sorbets; ice cream is dished, coned or scooped à la mode to other desserts. Ice cream also is fashioned into bars, sandwiches and various other shapes called NOVELTIES serving a fast and convenient way to enjoy ice cream on the go. Add fruit and nuts and range is endless.