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A primary source of protein and the center of the plate, meat products are offered in a wide variety of selections and specie type. Bringing safe, wholesome and quality meat products is pivotal and our highest priority. Whether your business retails, wholesales, caters or further processes, we can offer you value and yield that will put you well ahead of the rivals. Choose from Poultry, Pork, Beef and branded deli products.


BEEF is the meat from bovine and third must consumed meat protein in the world accounting for over 25% of meat production. Four main primal cuts; CHUCK, RIB, LOIN and ROUND. Each primal offers many different cuts that scale in… size, grade, and value. Beef from the U.S. is mostly grain-feed and finished to a optimal lean to ratio offering superior quality.


CHICKEN, TURKEY and MORE cover a full array of poultry products available on the market today. Poultry is the second most widely consumed meat in the world accounting for over 30% of meat production. Poultry is characterized mostly… relating to white and dark meat, or the breast and leg portion. Foodlinx offers a large selection to meet your needs.


PORK is consumed worldwide and ranks first for the most eaten meat and accounting for over 38% of meat production. Pork is enjoyed in many cooking styles and is processed to make an assortment of well know products such as ham and…bacon. Typical primal cuts include Loin, Leg, Shoulder Butt and Picnic sections. Pork Belly and Pork Ribs rank high also.


DELI or processed meats could include a single or multiply specie type as a ingredient to producing Luncheon Meats, Franks and Sausage, Bacon, Ham and many other products that reflect the region they are produced in. Retail and foodservice... packaging is available to suit your needs. Also cured and smoked meats are arranged in this category.


Looking for Lamb or Veal...maybe something more out of the ordinary? Review this area as new item additions are added to our catalog when ordered. Contact us should you have a desire for a particular item not mentioned