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Learn about Foodlinx and our business, find products, locate our warehouses, access secure on-line customer area, get contact and bank information and keep in touch with market news.

We do a variety of temperture controlled foods.
 We believe in cultivating relationships.
                    We reach further to bring service and value.
We recognize the energy in calories.



Foodlinx is a leading exporter offering the widest range of temperature controlled food products across the Pacific and areas abroad. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and operating routinely through U.S. West Coast sea ports.

FOODLINX VALUES The inception of Foodlinx was possible because of the similar core values of its partners. These firmly held values are primary to our way of business and stem from our personal belief along with the value we see in others. The values...
Foodlinx today focuses exports primarily in the Pacific region with significant expertise throughout the South Pacific – Oceania region. Our trading lanes include: Asia Melanesia Micronesia Polynesia Russia – EAST Oceania Southeast...
FAQ If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us   How do I become a customer? What payment types does your company accept? What is the minimum order requirement for shipment? Can I consolidate my order from other...
How can we help you? There are numerous ways to contact Foodlinx simply by clicking the Quick Link Bar at the top of any page. Please check our FAQ’s first as your question may already be answered. Foodlinx is here to serve you with professional,...