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The inception of Foodlinx was possible because of the similar core values of its partners. These firmly held values are primary to our way of business and stem from our personal belief along with the value we see in others. The values below↓keep us grounded and reflect how we perform our work and conduct ourselves. We will stay solid to them shaping and growing our company as change naturally occurs.


  •  Satisfy our Customers

The Customer is the most important livelihood of our business and comes first. Satisfying their needs is our highest goal.

  •  Support our team

For our company to succeed our team must succeed. Individually and collectively, effort equals reward.

  • Celebrate our Suppliers

You’re only as good as your supply! Both Foodlinx and supplier must read from the same page to meet the market needs of our shared customer.

  • Openness is Fairness

Transparency is always clear. It creates the trust our customers, suppliers, staff and shareholders expect. There’s no other way.

  • A Promise is a Promise

A Win-Win only happens when you keep your commitment and deliver on them.

  • You never go broke making a profit

It’s just too simple yet misunderstood. A fair deal brings an honest return pleasing customer and shareholder alike.

  • Value is created

Sometimes hard to measure when all is equal! We must input value with service, supply facts as information and deliver the highest quality goods on time.

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