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Foodlinx offers consolidation service through two ports of call on the U.S. West coast. Warehouse cold storage facilities are in close proximity and decreases transit times and increases efficiency to and from these trade zones.

Food grade standards are in effect at all times and embrace all the elements to get food products safe and wholesome to final destination. USDA export inspection along with FDA seafood inspection is available to conform to country of origin import requirements. Convenient and quick service is what we deliver.

Our supplier’s deliver products via refrigerated trucks and railcars into temperature controlled warehouses allowing for a uniform environment at receiving. All outbound exports are loaded and manifest under video control into the cargo container along with temperature checks from beginning to end.

Foodlinx offers customers third-party coloading, inland port to final port bulk sales and transload service by-passing warehouses. Contact your Foodlinx professional to inquire further.

Last Updated Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 11:26 AM.